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Glue trap for rodents

buy now Glue trap for rodents, the company Spetstechnologia
UAH 12
Application: detection and capture of small rodents (mice of all kinds) and insects (cockroaches, ants) in dry premises of all categories.
The adhesive trap has an attractive smell, is non-toxic and does not contain poisonous substances.
The traps should be checked every day.
If within 2 to 3 days no pest was caught in the adhesive trap, the trap should be placed elsewhere. Replacement of trap’ sheets is carried out as they are filled with pests.
The product is meant for commercial application and domestic use on objects of any type (living accommodation, non-residential premises, public catering establishments, medical facilities, child welfare institutions, greenhouses), as well as at other locations where the use of poison is prohibited or undesirable. 
  UAH 10.20